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Gail Devers Quotes

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"This is where I've been."
-Gail Devers
"Obviously, that's the slowest I've ever run. But it's OK."
-Gail Devers
"I'm 39 but I'm not over the hill yet."
-Gail Devers
"This race was just feeling my way through. I'm 39, but I'm not over the hill yet. The one title I didn't have was motherhood. Everything I've ever wanted, I have. ... I'm blessed to have a healthy baby."
-Gail Devers
"[In the final, however, Kirkland surprised the field from Lane 1, crossing in 12.42 seconds, with Devers second in 12.54 and Adams fifth.] She was out like a cannon, ... I said, 'Where are you going, girl?'"
-Gail Devers
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