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Drake Bell Quotes

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"They're wholesome, and really actually funny. It's not like you turn it on and it's kids throwing pies in each other's faces. There's actually validity to the work."
-Drake Bell
"Everyone is going to love it. It's not just a kid movie. It has romance between Helen and Frank, comedy from the younger kids, a love triangle between the teenagers. It's very broad."
-Drake Bell
"My character on Drake & Josh is way too cool to be me. He's much smoother with the ladies."
-Drake Bell
"[Bell says that the Drake character is a much more exaggerated version of his real personality.] I was never that much of a rebel in school, ... I never really went to the lengths that he goes to to be that deviant."
-Drake Bell
"When we won for best kids show, we wanted to go out and celebrate."
-Drake Bell
"I grew up on old music. I'm just not really into the new stuff."
-Drake Bell
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