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David Grange Quotes

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"Initially, the Scud hunting was done from the air only. From that altitude, 10,000 to 15,000 feet, to find camouflaged concealed weapons systems was a very difficult to do."
-David Grange
"We wanted people to take away a feeling of responsibility. Hopefully, when you visit this museum, you'll not only learn about issues and the importance of these freedoms, but you'll be a better informed citizen to make your own decision. ... Then as an informed citizen, take that back out on the street, take that back into your life and be a more involved citizen in the community and the country."
-David Grange
"We should do it because they condoned the attack on the USS Cole."
-David Grange
"Plus, freedom of expression is a pretty mushy, fuzzy area. That's everything to everybody."
-David Grange
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