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David Boykin Quotes

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"It's always fun to play against good competition. Also, a lot of scouts will be there."
-David Boykin
"This year is the toughest schedule since I've been in high school. Every game, there's no letup. But we haven't gotten tired yet. Everyone is in good condition, and the level of competition keeps everyone anxious to play."
-David Boykin
"I'm just going to go out every game like I know how to play and have fun doing it, and not worry about the pressure."
-David Boykin
"It was a total defensive breakdown. We weren't closing out on them and they were hitting everything."
-David Boykin
"It's something that we practice every day, special situations. I knew I had to make those shots to win the game."
-David Boykin
"I'm just trying to go to as many showcase games as possible to show the scouts what I can do."
-David Boykin
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