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Danny Mcnamara Quotes

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"It's all about the England team doing well, you know, and there's a line in there 'it can be done'."
-Danny Mcnamara
"When I was a teenager in Leeds I was a big Joy Division fan, so I loved New Order too. 'World In Motion' was great, it was a bit subversive in a way. We didn't try to be subversive - we were looking to produce one of those communal moments that brings everyone together."
-Danny Mcnamara
"Life's now a great journey for us and we're enjoying the view."
-Danny Mcnamara
"We went into [producer] Youth's studio in Spain just to jam. In the first nine days, we got 24 songs. Instead of it being about ballads, all these big anthems came out."
-Danny Mcnamara
"I was scared to death by the idea. Me dad said to me, it boils down to do you think you're up to it? If you do, do it."
-Danny Mcnamara
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