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"We've hit a home run with this sponsorship. The teams love it, the communities love it and our clients and employees love it. So we decided to go for a triple play and extend this sponsorship through 2009. The Principal Family Fun Fest is a great way to bring wholesome, family-oriented entertainment to the communities where our clients and employees live."
-Dan Houston
"We know that more people will live longer in retirement, but also that more retirees will have longer periods of time when they can travel, spend, and enjoy due to lower levels of chronic disability among the elderly. What a shame it would be if the health constraints that many older people faced were replaced by financial constraints due to lack of proper planning."
-Dan Houston
"The irony is that while most of us are optimistic about our futures, the reality is clear that accident and disability are more likely to impact us than we care to acknowledge. Clearly workers with employment disability benefits have an edge, and those that plan for their own individual needs are also ahead of the game."
-Dan Houston
"It's pretty much been a male market but a lot of women really like riding motorcycles so we've created something just for women."
-Dan Houston
"Individuals who are targeting a lower replacement ratio will see a significant reduction in their standard of living."
-Dan Houston
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