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Connie Boesen Quotes

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"I'm a little surprised by all of this, and I think before tonight's meeting I had no idea this was the format."
-Connie Boesen
"We do believe it might have an impact on student achievement, and really, that's what we're here to do."
-Connie Boesen
"We're not to be the micromanagers of the daily business."
-Connie Boesen
"The end of the year, you might just not come - there's a tendency, especially for seniors. We're trying to say it's still important because look at what you can get."
-Connie Boesen
"We talked about how we worked with Eric and what great things he's done for this district."
-Connie Boesen
"You just continue to listen. I've tried to make my viewpoint open as to why I took the vote I did."
-Connie Boesen
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