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Carrie Smith Quotes

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"Instead of being push-button, it's a touch sensor and is activated with a touch of your finger."
-Carrie Smith
"The reason Martin studied Japanese is because orchestra members teased him that he was illiterate in seven languages. He knew a little bit of French; he knew a little bit of Russian; he knew a little bit of Italian, but none well at all. They teased him, so he studied Japanese, because it was the hardest language."
-Carrie Smith
"His brain damage actually washed away his brain."
-Carrie Smith
"I feel like every team in the Big Ten wants to kick the other's butt. So whenever you come into a game, it's war."
-Carrie Smith
"His passion was music. He was a rapper. That was his talent."
-Carrie Smith
"Many customers have commented they can't believe we haven't raised our rates yet."
-Carrie Smith
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