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Brian Goldner Quotes

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"Moms today want to be emotionally and physically involved with their children very early on. It's all about the wholesome child."
-Brian Goldner
"Hasbro recognizes that our brands can entertain a very diverse audience in so many ways. Our alliance with G4 gives Hasbro the opportunity to maximize the strength of our core brands like G.I. JOE and TRANSFORMERS in a new and innovative way."
-Brian Goldner
"Hasbro's multi-year agreement with Marvel provides Hasbro with proven properties in categories where we have been long-time industry leaders. Marvel's properties are a 'who's-who' in children's and family entertainment and provide Hasbro with many exciting opportunities in the years ahead."
-Brian Goldner
"Phil's leadership, creativity and proven ability to build brands make him the ideal candidate to lead the games piece of our recently consolidated North American toy and game segment. We are thrilled to welcome Phil back into the Hasbro fold leading this very important part of our business."
-Brian Goldner
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