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Bartlett Sher Quotes

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"With both plays, you have people standing around doing nothing while other people are doing terrible, terrible things."
-Bartlett Sher
"Americans like to believe we can overcome all obstacles and always triumph in the end, but that's not real life and a steady diet of stories like that will give you a pretty unhealthy view of reality."
-Bartlett Sher
"The play is funny. And people love baseball. But there's a moral lesson. 'Rounding Third' is particularly suitable for that part of the audience made up of young parents. We are a generation of helicopter parents, constantly hovering over our kids, fussing with them."
-Bartlett Sher
"I thought it would be kind of fun to open our next season on a very strong, classical note."
-Bartlett Sher
"For a town this size, the level of the arts it supports is extraordinary."
-Bartlett Sher
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