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Barbara Fairchild Quotes

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"I still love to sing it."
-Barbara Fairchild
"It's a great opportunity to learn about Missouri's native plants."
-Barbara Fairchild
"The sophisticated Swann Lounge in the Four Seasons Hotel serves hot chocolate in two teapots, one filled with pastry chef Eddie Hale's own chocolate syrup and the other with steamed milk. Guests mix the hot chocolate to suit their own tastes and can also enjoy a selection of cookies from the pastry kitchen."
-Barbara Fairchild
"We're going to do a concert for the people doing all the relief work."
-Barbara Fairchild
"This is an academic institution, the foundation of which is truth. People get failed at this school for lying, inventing."
-Barbara Fairchild
"Hot chocolate here is an intense chocolate indulgence. Enjoy it with one of Chef Maury Rubin's homemade marshmallows or order one of his legendary pretzel croissants. There's even a Chocolate Room (if it's made of chocolate, it's for sale here) in which to browse while you sip."
-Barbara Fairchild
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