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Andrew Motion Quotes

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"Actors may (or may not) read poems well, but poets have unique rights to their work, and unique insights and interests to offer as we hear their idiom, pacing, tone and emphases."
-Andrew Motion
"The readings are at once instant in their appeal, and lingering in their impact."
-Andrew Motion
"Broodingly suggestive of Donne's intellectual figure as well as his witty sensuality, it is also a picture of great intrinsic beauty and the bewitching evocation of an age. The National Portrait Gallery is its natural home. The picture is cheap at the price, and if we don't buy it someone else will."
-Andrew Motion
"It is extremely desolating news that he should have died when he was only 68 and always seemed so much younger."
-Andrew Motion
"He was a man of immense charm, affability and kindness with no side to him."
-Andrew Motion
"This is a book written by someone obsessed, stricken and deeply loving. There is nothing like it in literature."
-Andrew Motion
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