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Andrea Brown Quotes

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"Many times I'm overwhelmed by the compassion of the city."
-Andrea Brown
"I have so many, it just comes naturally."
-Andrea Brown
"Always had a smile."
-Andrea Brown
"He happens to have a device in his chest, but he still has a lot of heart."
-Andrea Brown
"There really aren't any unusual requests. They're humbled by the situation. It's hard to be displaced and ask for what you need."
-Andrea Brown
"Although I've only been to one once, I always thought tanning salons were a lot safer than outdoor tanning. It does worry me to find out that salons could be just as harmful, if not more, since most people assume they're safer indoors and tend to let their guard down. However, I think people that use them just need to be cautious and understand that skin cancer is still a risk to them."
-Andrea Brown
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