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Adam Sullivan Quotes

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"Losing Summer is about the songs, not about the money. We just want people to hear our music."
-Adam Sullivan
"We let a couple guys get some confidence and they did a nice job capitalizing, but we have got to get that killer instinct and close the game."
-Adam Sullivan
"I really think we worked them on the offensive end and we really wanted to work them on defense. Then we went inside and out to try and get a two or a three instead of in the first half where we relied on threes."
-Adam Sullivan
"We wanted to do something really different to promote the band. Something that no one else had ever done."
-Adam Sullivan
"I don't think you should be able to use that as an excuse. I think every team has to go through that so it shouldn't be an issue."
-Adam Sullivan
"We played very well on stretches. We did a good job recognizing mismatches in the post."
-Adam Sullivan
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